BESST Field Service provides comprehensive diagnostic technologies such as flow and chemistry profiles, along with video surveys to collect data that can be used to effectively address water quality and well performance issues.

BESST Field Services provide a complete overview of Dynamic and Ambient Flow Profiling of groundwater wells, as well as sampling to provide water chemistry data. The use of the data will be provided in technical reports to assist in groundwater management and well modifications. BESST’s patented miniaturized downhole technology allows data collection even while the pump is still in the well and the well is actively producing. The use of BESST’s technical reports assist with well modification or groundwater management plans is a cost effective alternative to more expensive and sluggish remediation strategies.

Under exclusive license to BESST from the U.S. Geological Survey the Dynamic and Ambient Flow Profiling utilizes a Dye Tracer System which allows the injection of inert rhodamine dye solution at varying depths within the well. The return rate of the dye provides unparalleled data that BESST analyses to determine flow dynamics throughout the well.

Dynamic Flow Profiling provides diagnostic data of the flow dynamics while the water supply well is in production. The data has revealed opportunities for well modification such as, installation of sleeves, packers, engineered suctions and pump replacement.Ambient Flow Profiling provides diagnostic data of the flow dynamics while the water supply well is not in production. The data has exposed circumstances to reactivate offline wells that represent an untapped asset for a water provider, provide hydraulic conductivity data under non pumping conditions and assist in sampling locations.
HydroBooster Sampling Technology is used in conjunction with data collected utilizing the Dye Tracer system for low-flow purging and sampling at depth specific locations within the well. That data from this technique has revealed opportunities for well modification to facilitate treatment avoidance in a situation where an undesirable constituent is occurring.Dynamic Video Survey reveals the condition of the well utilizing a miniaturized camera with a diameter of only ¾”. The video survey can be conducted without the removal of the pump and while the well is in production. Frequently the video survey is used to investigate sand invasion, air entrainment, blocked or damaged screen and to identify zones of growths or scaling.

BESST, Inc. Equipment

BESST is well equipped to handle large scale profiling and geological projects.  The company is outfitted with two Dynamic Mass Profiling Rigs, and one Ambient Mass Profiling Rig.  Since early 2015, BESST has made significant improvements to the rigs in regards to on-board electrical and pneumatic controls.  Each rig is equipped with back-up spare parts, systems, and fluorometers.  When requested by the client, BESST can provide miniaturized video camera equipment.  BESST owns and operates two video systems. Each camera measures ¾” OD, with both color and black and white cameras and both systems outfitted with side scan capability.  BESST also provides its own water level meters. BESST’s tools are a maximum ¾” outside diameter (OD). Before a project starts an access survey is performed to establish adequate access exists. Common access points include vent and sounding tubes, bolt holes, camera tubes, holes through pump plates, etc.

BESST is an ISN Member Contractor.


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