Our Mission Statement

BESST’s mission is to achieve superior solutions to groundwater quality problems at the lowest cost by using highly innovative and efficient technology. Our select group of geoscientists and engineers help interpret and design solutions to best serve the clients’ needs


Best Environmental Subsurface Science and Technologies (BESST, Inc.) is a Certified Small Business (#1802342) founded in 1995 by Mr. Noah Heller, who is presently CEO/President.  The Company focused solely on products during the first nine years, through 2004. In these early years of the company, the product focus was on improving subsurface technologies and science in order to sort out complex contaminant distribution problems in groundwater aquifers.

The first technology developed was the SimulProbe and is still in use today.  The SimulProbe technology is used in groundwater contaminant exploration to bring the cost of a test well from $35,000 per zone (in 2015 prices) to approximately $2,500 per zone.  Following the SimulProbe came the ZIST technology.  ZIST stands for Zone Isolation Sampling Technology and forms the basis for advancing multi-level monitoring of groundwater aquifers at a fraction of the cost of conventional multi-level monitoring level system and clusters of single zone wells.

In 2002, BESST was introduced to the Flow Tracer and Depth Dependent Groundwater Sampler technology by the primary inventor Dr. John Izbicki from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This technology provided a new and innovative way to perform detailed well profiling without requiring removal of the pump. In 2004, BESST signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the USGS and since this time has profiled over 600 municipal production wells in California and other western states.

BESST, Inc. has emerged as a key player in the groundwater market by providing significant and dramatic cost saving options to communities through avoiding and reducing well head treatment, blending facilities, pipelines, and reducing the need for new wells.  BESST has been focused on its customer’s satisfaction and has developed a turn-key service which combines in-house advanced technologies with sound consulting.